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Thread: I guess it's gonna Stick

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    I guess it's gonna Stick

    Yesterday was a little surprising, because for the first time in the last 46 years, I didn't hear even ONE April Fools joke, or have anyone try to pull one on me AND I didn't get the urge to pull one on someone else either. The Strangest part though was that neither the LOML or myself tried to convince the other, (this year), that on April 1 st 1961 it was really just an April Fools joke when we said I DO, so I guess it's really going to Stick after all.

    It was a very nice day here, so we just stayed home and enjoyed each others company, but since I know she's most likely shown way more patience than the law should allow, to put up with me for so long, I took her out for a nice Steak last night, and then stopped on the way home and bought her some flowers so she can have fun at work today letting the other gals wonder and guess as to what I've been up to this time, that I had to give her flowers. (Us old folks gotta have a LITTLE Fun every day)

    Shop time.........well, actually I did get in the shop for a few minutes. Had to make a wood spacer/adapter donut for a friend who was building an automatic deer corn feeder for another friend of his.

    Hope all of you had a great April Fools Day too.

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    congrats Norm & mrs Norm!
    the LOML and I snagged a rare evening out saturday night, just the two of us. We went to the Olive Garden and burned up a gift card from the fire house on a very relaxing dinner.

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    Norman, you didn't read Steve Clardy's post??? I'm still laughing over that one. It was the only one I heard all day. But then I stayed at home instead of getting out. Jim.

    EDIT: Sorry, I fixated on the joke part of it, and simply went right by the milestone on the anniversary. CONGRATS!!
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    Congratulations! I am amazed every morning I wake up to see LOML still there! And you've got quite a few years on me! Glad to hear nobody "gotcha" this year.


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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Congrats to you and the Mrs. Norman

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