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Thread: My next mower

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    My next mower

    Looks like a well thought out design...

    I like the fact it can re-charge itself, raising/lowering the deck looks well thought out, and how fun will it be chasing the squirrels with that!

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    Ahhh, to live next door to him & to know what frequency he's using ...every so often I get the wife all flustered, until she remembers the 'other' TV remote
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    Looks like they have some good ideas, but the dual wheeled unit was not mowing a very steep grade. I think they need a little more R&D before they can gain bragging rights. IMNSHO.

    I did that much and more with my 10 hp Massey using the rear wheels reversed and heavy wheel weights. I sometimes sat side-saddled on the high side, but never felt any threat of tipping. Good tractor that was, with a 42" deck
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    Well, that still requires work...they need to make it run like a Roomba vacuum. Maybe have sensors around the lawn edges to know when to turn back. Thank goodness we don't have a lawn anymore...

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