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Thread: Do you like Quartersawn White Oak? Do you REALLY understand HOW it is sawn?

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    Do you like Quartersawn White Oak? Do you REALLY understand HOW it is sawn?

    I had a pretty good idea of who QS White Oak was sawn, and my idea was mostly correct, but not 100%.
    Now due to a very good video and the folks at Popular Woodworking, I really do understand it.

    How Quartersawn White Oak is Sawn

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    Great vid. I really have a hard time getting my head around the different ways they saw wood. I now understand quarter sawn much better. Thanks for posting.
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    thats a very good video stu. and shows why gtr sawn is higher priced than rift or flat sawn lumber
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    That is a good explanation, Stu. I've seen other ways of cutting lumber, but now I understand why they call it 'quartersawn.' I bought a piece of cherry yesterday, and one of the fellows at the lumberyard mentioned that it was quartersawn as I was taking it out. I looked at the end, and the growth rings were at 90 to the board. I hadn't even been looking for that.

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    quarter sawn boards can reveal beauty in woods you wouldn't always think was there when one is used to seeing them usually plane sawn.
    Quarter sawn white oak is probably one of my favorite woods to work with. I will almost always jump at the chance to build something with it.
    It has so much character and "personality" when its finished.
    I may have a kitchen island coming up that likely will have a quartersawn white oak counter and raised bar top. Im thinking of fuming it.

    Thanks for posting this Stu!
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    Stu thanks for the video I did not know exactly how they cut it. I had thought it was different. Now i understand and as Larry says can understand the cost factor too.

    I love qtr sawn of all the cuts and oak but recently i bought some Douglas fir which was qtr sawn and that in my view rivals oak. Its got nice close straight grain and lovely pinkish color. Its a pleasure to work with. But $$$$$$$

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    Very informative. Thanks for posting the video, Stu.
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    When I cut quartersawn my first cut is just above the pith. You can usually get a couple of really wide QS boards above and below the pith. Then I cut the pith out and you get two QS from that when you rip the pith out. You have to level the log so you cut parallel to the pith or the QS will run out. You get some really wide quartersawn boards to start with this way. My mill is manual. QS is a lot of grunt work for me, but I really like the way it looks. I get several rift cut also which I like for rails and stiles.

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    Very nice. Dad was just asking me about this at the yard last Saturday and I did a poor job of explaining it. I guess I shoulda took my pad computer along for visual aids ;-)
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