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Thread: My wife will be going topless...

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    My wife will be going topless...

    ...well her new Jeep will be anyway from time to time. It has the three piece top, the section above the driver and passenger is like a T-top that has two panels that can be removed easily. The back half can be unbolted and removed, but may have to rig up a hoist in the shop to remove it by myself.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    We ended up pre-paying for the first 20 oil changes, they averaged at $20 per change, which should cover the first 4-5 years and was cheaper than I could buy the supplies myself.

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    Great looking vehicle! Congrats!

    Those oil changes aren't going to get cheaper, either...
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    Puttin' a gal in a red Jeep....hmmmm...cop bait!! HA!! You guys should have a ball with that!
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    Ah, my dream car! Even the right color. NICE!
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    Very cool, but it's way too clean for a Jeep. Time to mud that bad boy up!
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    Not a jeep guy but that one is purty congrats

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    One very nice ride!

    My dad used to have a pick up with a canopy on the back, we rigged up a rope and pulley system in the carport so you just backed the truck in, undid 6 bolts, then hooked a hook onto each corner and winched away. He got a boat trailer type hand winch that with the flick of a small lever could winch up or down. The most critical thing was getting all four ropes the right length, once we did that is was very easy and effective. Might be a solution for you?

    Nice ride!
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    My wife will be going topless...

    I'm going to say 'qualified' jealous here. I "want" another Jeep someday, just can't justify the third vehicle right now... Have fun with it!

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