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Thread: Baby Dresser

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    Baby Dresser

    So, it's been a long time since I posted anything here, but it's been along time since I've had a chance to work on anything in the shop. I built a baby dresser for my soon to arrive grandaughter. I debated on posting it in here, as most of you make me feel silly doing it as your work is so outstanding. The dresser is made of pine, and is put together with a boatload of screws. Not your normal way to do fine woodjoinery mind you, but quick and effective. This is the first dresser I've ever made, and it's about 2 or 3 times as heavy as a store bought one. Since the entire thing was going to be 100% painted, I didn't feel too bad using screws instead of dowels or some other joining method, but again... I know it's not "fine craftsmanship" quality.... it was more of a "I wonder if I can build this" type of project. All screws were countersunk and filled with a sandable filler, and of course painted over. My daughter liked it alot, so I guess the most important critic was satisfied

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    Sure to be treasured. Very well done.
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    That's a fine looking dresser and should hold up for a lifetime, well done

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    Nothing wrong with screws. Sure looks great from here
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    I didn't even know screws were a bad thing. Nice looking dresser.
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    thanx for sharing, great piece.
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    Thanks fellas. Now, one of my other daughters is havin a baby girl too..............guess what she wants now <facepalm> lol. I'd like to replace alot of the screws in the next one with dowels, and glue. Perhaps stain this one instead of paint, guess we will see how it goes.

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    That came out looking great, David. I'm sure it'll be in the family for a long time.

    Is is square? Does it serve its purpose? Then it's fine woodworking in my book, regardless of the fastening method. So you used threaded metal big deal. Plus, this place is called Family Woodworking and what's more family-oriented than making a baby dresser for a grandkid? (The Fine Woodworking forum is down the alphabet a little bit and to the left.)
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    well done dave and if you got another customer so fast i would say you cant get any better praise than that..
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    Thats fine woodworking in my books. I would not let the perception that the only thing that gets done around here is "fine craftsman quality" I dont see any terms like that in our COC to prevent you posting what looks like a great chest of draws to me. Keep on posting and woodworking David dont let perceptions deter you. I agree with you the customer is happy and you got a second so you must be doing something right. I am curious as to why you think there is something wrong with screws. My workshop is full of them. Nice set of draws.

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