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Thread: Mark's physics lesson today

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    Mark's physics lesson today

    We're moving to a house much closer to where we work (I walk in most days) and I moved some of the shop today. I learned an important lesson today. When you have two tools mounted to the same cabinet / mobile base, the one that is cantilevered off to the side should be removed first. Then remove the big heavy lunchbox planer on center of gravity. Then you can go ahead and remove the router from the shelf (also on center of gravity). Under no circumstances should you merrily remove all of the weight resting on the center of gravity before removing the cantilevered 8" slow speed grinder. Especially when the drawers are still in and, among other things, hold your nice dovetail handsaw. Thankfully I had the blade guard on said saw so I don't think it got hurt.

    Oh, biophysics lesson: when you are in the process of remembering basic physics, such as moment arms, and you are 5 feet away when your system starts going dynamic, running and grabbing for it will do nothing other than give a nice little laceration.

    I'm doubling my shop space and reclaiming 2 hours a day of commute time with this move, so hopefully I will be able to start doing shop things again, with the posting here that accompanies such.

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    Good luck with the rest of the move!

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    great to hear from you again mark, hope all is well with you and family, good luck on the move. stop in from time to time and shoot the breeze.
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    The older we geet, the less those little lacerations bother us.

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    It is sort of like that old, old joke, "Other than that, how was the show Mrs. Lincoln?"

    So---Other than excitement, lacerations, etc., how is the move Mark?
    I hope it goes well from here on; NO strained muscles, squished toes, broken machinery, etc.

    Enjoy, it sounds like a great move. I envy that part about doubling the size of the shop. Since I am retired, I cannot move any closer to my work---I'm there.

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    Glad to hear the lacerations were only minor. Lessons learned with a bit of blood tend to stay remembered better, huh?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Kosmowski View Post hopefully I will be able to start doing shop things again, with the posting here that accompanies such.
    Just so you know, doing shop things really isn't a requirement for posting here. A lot of us here get little or no shop time these days. (Heaven knows it sure doesn't stop me from posting, LOL.)
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    welcome back mark we still like to chat on other things
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    Lessons learned with a bit of blood tend to stay remembered better, huh?
    This may be true for the majority but I aint sure in my case i have scars to show for not having learned first time. Call me blockhead for short.

    Good to see you around Mark, you going to feel lost not driving all that distance. Just think of the gas savings wow. Looking forward to seeing your new projects when you get settled.

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    Hey, Mark. We all have moments like that at one point or another, whether we admit it or not. The older I get, the more I can chalk it up to 'senior moments'!

    On the other hand, you sound excited about your move. Good luck on the rest of it!
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    How about that! Old Mr. Murphy is still giving away gravity gifts...bloody well done
    Hope the laceration is as minor as your journey to work.
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