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Thread: Might as well start the "It's Friday" thread rolling...

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    Might as well start the "It's Friday" thread rolling...

    An endless stream of indoor and outdoor jobs large and small, some fencing, mowing, pruning, organizing the hayloft for a big delivery sometime next week, and maybe some shop time too with rain coming tonight and tomorrow But, also some Blackberry-free time

    There's company comin', so want to be able to show them around with a clear conscience!

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    Family (my acutal family) get together tonight at the MIL's. Good food and drink predicted. Bike ride lunch picnic with LOML and the kid tomorrow. Then I'm taking a shelf my dad made from the bleachers of my high shcool and a dumpster dived table and combining them into a new TV console for our living room...or at least that's the plan. Hope is to have it pretty much completed by dinner time on Sunday...wish me luck!
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    All the circuits, except lights, are now installed in the Putter Palace. Today I plug it in and see if it all works. WooHoo! I have 2 circuits in each 4 gang box. There are 9 of those. There is a separate circuit for the air compressor and a separate circuit for the lathe and table saw. That one is a 220v circuit. There is a 50 amp 220v feed cord to a breaker box. When I have to plug into a 30 amp circuit, I will have half the 110v circuits and no saw, lathe or air compressor available as one leg drops out via the 50 amp to 30 amp adapter.

    When all this works as planned, I will make new shop lights based on a plan I saw in Woodworkers' Journal emag a couple of weeks ago. There will be 2 light circuits as well, so half of them will work when one leg drops out. George at the local Home Depot has been a wealth of help here.

    Need my tablesaw to make those lights, so here's hoping for success in powering up today. Pix when it works.

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    May head over to a buddy's place where the local Jeep club is meeting. Want to see some of the mods being done first hand and some of the products used. I'm not looking to do any change to the suspension, but need to add some side steps or rock sliders to protect the side paint. Planning to work on the dresser built-in since I didn't get the time last weekend. Also need to clear out some space in the shop to park my wife's old car until we decide what to do with it.

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    Continue working on my oldest Grand Daughters 18th Birthday present, I have to recarve the drawers again had a problem when sanding them.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Last day of full-time work!! School starts Monday at 0900. Raiders play tonight so that will entertain me while I prep the pork shoulder for tomorrow. Shopping and shop work Saturday and Sunday.
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    Working all weekend
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    Got some friends coming up for the night to do a little perseid watching. Might be a little early for the meteor showers, but still should be fun to re-connect.

    Working the sailboat this weekend. Our vacation plan is to take it to lake mead, and I've got to get the trailer and boat registered in Nevada before we go.

    Need to make sure the tires are in good shape, the brakes work, and make sure the nav lights and safety stuff on the boat work. Should be able to get it registered next week!
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    I'm going to Toronto tonight to go to a Jays game with my daughter, and stay the night. Tomorrow my wife will be joining me at the afternoon game, and Sunday is taken up with a special meeting at church with the Archdeacon to discuss how we are going to proceed in getting a new priest. Roll on Monday!

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    I'm continuing with my shop re-arrangement today. Cut down some of my table saw surround table system yesterday - cleaning that up and re-positioning some of the legs today. Hopefully, Saturday morning everything will be ready for me to slide my new G0690 TS with Incra TS system into its final place.

    Looking forward to having a complete chill-out day on Sunday!!!
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