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Thread: plumbing passed permit inspection yesterday

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    plumbing passed permit inspection yesterday

    So my wife and I bought a HUD home, free and clear, so once we sell the current house, no mortgage. The house was vacant for a time, during which the copper reclamation specialists stopped in. They must have been very disappointed though, as it looks like they only scored 5 linear feet of copper from the hot water heater, as the rest of the house was galvanized. Anyhow, at the advice of my home inspector, I replumbed the entire supply in PEX. The only original supply is the kitchen faucet and braided hose going to it. I had to hire out the supply from the street to the house, but everything else, I did. A friend helped me seat the new crapper. The tub fixture was a pain in the FORUM RULES. But we got a swingy faucet for the bathroom and now when brushing my teeth I swing it out of the line of fire and have a nice big target. Feels good to have done it myself.

    Oh, I think I'm one of five people who did the right thing and pulled a homeowner's plumbing permit from the county.

    If you guys really, really need to see pics of my PEX, you have to wait, we're still moving stuff and that takes priority. Unless you'd settle for pics of my pecs ...

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    Don't need to see your pex OR pecs congrats on the new digs and best of luck on selling the old house

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    Man, that has got to feel good to have it paid for, congratulations! Good luck on the sale of the old one and looking forward to the new shop tour.

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    Thanks guys! We're using this new house to reset ourselves financially. Maybe in three years we'll buy a different HUD home or maybe we will enjoy city life. I hope to put up some half full shop photos for planning ideas soon.

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