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Thread: Putter Palace Porch

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    Putter Palace Porch

    It's a little crowded in the Putter Palace so I thought a porch would be nice. Of course, in the Nevada sun, it needed a cover. Takes about 20 minutes to set up. Well worth the time. EMT conduit with canopy fittings and an HF tarp cut to fit.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    That will sure help beat the hot sun. Now all you need is some folding stairs.
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    Fun in the sun. Looks great.
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    Looks like she might already have them. Dual purpose: climb up 'em, pull 'em up, sit on 'em. Enjoy the shade.
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    Nice, but needs a pool.

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    Doing some catching up here. That back gate adds a good amount of room! I like the sun shade too!

    Have a couple of friends that have their BBQ competition stuff setup in a smaller trailer like that with the drop gate. They just wheel their smoker out onto the gate like that, makes for an easy setup as they have pretty much a full kitchen inside the trailer, so no going up/down steps for when they are going back and forth to the kitchen.

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    Looks great, why am I not surprised
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    That worked out nicely, Carol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ted Calver View Post
    Nice, but needs a pool.
    Or at least a Hot Tub!
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    Cool idea to use the gate like that.

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