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Thread: Is a radial arm saw needed?

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    Is a radial arm saw needed?

    I am wondering is a ras needed? When you have a miter saw and table saw?

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    I've only had one for the past year & a half or so, but I'll never be with one...guess it depends on what type of work you mainly do, I mean one doesn't 'need' a miter saw or table saw right?

    & Welcome to the 'posting' Charles
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    Welcome to the posting Family, Charles!

    I've had an RAS in the past but was never totally satisfied with its accuracy. It seems that no matter how often I tweaked the fence, crosscuts drifted to something other than 90. I'll take my table saw, miter saw and other tools over an RAS anytime.
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    I had one, but for some reason it scared me to death. Got rid of it. I'd like to have a miter saw, but probably never will. I get by without it.
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    First off, Welcome!

    I'm in the I don't need it camp. As Ken says, it will depend on what you do and how you do it. I had one years ago but the footprint it takes up, for what it did for me, was out of balance. You must bear in mind that even my CMS has been out in the shed for the last several years. I did dig it out to do some trim work when LOML had her guest room and bath remodeled; when you need one, you need one. There will be just as many woodworkers out there who can't live without a RAS and that is not wrong . . . for them. I have also heard of people who get along with only one bandsaw .
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    Thanks for the welcome, I have a Dewalt 9'' RAS it will be replace by a Delta goose Unisaw, Powermatic 66, or a USA made old arn contractor. I have a Dewalt miter saw but I bought it for trim carpentry.

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    No, it isn't.

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    I've got one and love it, but it's really not necessary. Plenty of options out there that's for sure.
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    Got one, but use it only for dadoes. Doesn't really in in my scheme any longer, but I haven't yet decided what to do with it.

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    Maybe someday I'll have one, but I can do everything with my TS and MS... your mileage may vary.

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