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Thread: uv resistant exotic wood covering

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    uv resistant exotic wood covering

    As a retirement hobby, I build multilevel circular bird houses with veneer exotic woods such as bubinga, padauk, canary wood, king wood, mahogany, and many other types of exotic wood. I am looking for a high uv resistant clear covering that will protect those woods from fading when exposed to sunlight. Any suggestions?

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    First of all, welcome to FWW! Stick around; you'll like it here.

    As for the finish recommendation, a marine varnish will likely be your best bet.

    One of the absolute best ones is Epifane. It's a bit pricey, but is very durable.

    That said, any outdoor finish will require frequent (yearly?) touchups or recoating.
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    Epifanes would be the best. You could also try untinted exterior oil paint base. The ones for the darker colors (normally base #4), believe it or not, without tint it looks very much like a varnish when it dries, and has very good UV protection (more info here). One last note: be sure to avoid the box store "spar" varnishes...they are almost all made with urethane resins, that in itself makes it a poor outdoor finish. The marine store stuff (like Epifanes) is a much better product.

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    I have wondered about this. Even though I never did ask. So I found this to be an interesting thread.

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    if you use mahogany, sikens, not sure which one these days, but I used it on a door entrance a few years ago, made of mahogany, hasn't faded one iota.
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    Bob, welcome to the forum.
    As others said, a marine varnish is best. But you are looking for something that doesn't exist, really. So "best" only means the process is slowed down a bit. I work quite a bit with Osage Orange and would just love to keep that bright orange/yellow color, but, alas, it is not possible. I have tried lots of things. All that will work to keep the color is to not expose your piece to light at all, keep in a dark vault.
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    MLC has a 2 part epoxy that works well. I was doing an estimate at the Pentagon yesterday and thats what is being recommended. Finish looks great and very durable.
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