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Thread: 4 Days to add a cabinet

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    4 Days to add a cabinet

    Neighbor's kids were cleaning out their parents house to put it up for sale now that their parents have passed away...well Thurman{their father} had a little workshop in the basement and this cabinet was one of the items they asked me if I had a use for....sure, why not, borrowed and put items in that cab over the years and would be a nice reminder as well as useful.

    Well, I'm sure most of you know where this is leading....nearly half my shop needed to be shifted around to make's all good though, as it really needed a good cleaning. Anyways, 4 days, 2 garbage bags of dust & dirt, 43 spiders and a petrified crust from a piece of pizza the dog stashed under the bench later...I figured I better get a photo or two for any reference that may be required in a week or two

    The bench below the cabinet had previously held my table-top tools...I moved them onto a drawer cabinet I received from Wilma{Thurmans wife} years ago...luv the deep drawers in it. Seems to be working out for now, simply walk around it to the tool I need. I put my tool box that used to reside upon the drawer cabinet on an old tool stand, I like it, the height seems just right to me. The rest was mainly straighten & clean...tried a couple of panorama shots, but lets just say my hands weren't steady enough to post a link to full size

    Now I just need to man up & dirty it all up again....never ending loop I tell ya!
    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	Cabinet4panorama.JPG 
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    Dude, that's WAY too clean to be your shop. 'Fess up, found those pics on the Internet, right?

    Looking good, Ken.
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    Sweet! Nice looking shop! Now quick, get it dirty. We know you make too much stuff out there to keep it clean!
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    Give it a day or two and it will look like Ned's shed

    Sorry Ned
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    Great looking shop, and a nice cabinet too!
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