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Thread: I'm no Ned

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    I'm no Ned

    and this is not of my shop, but it's right next to it and I didn't know where to really post this{yes I'm sure you know where to tell me to put it }
    anyways, as I walked past the wood pile to water the dirt behind the garage, a few pieces caught my, even with my lack of photography skills I still thought I'd share 'em....the fly was cool as I had in the last hour or so listened to America's Horse with no name...for those not familiar, there's a line in the lyrics that goes something like "I met a fly with a buzz" and it buzzed my ear just before landing where it did....the flecks/rays in the red oak are huge, not sure if that's because of the way they split or because the tree was so large & old...some kind of a spike or something vertically encased in one photo, and it didn't take long for the tenants to get settled in...enough rambling, the Mrs just hollered dinners ready...hope someone enjoys them.......later....

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    Cool pics.

    I listened to that America album a lot was a teenager. I've driven on the Ventura Highway a number of times, but it wasn't until 8 or 9 years ago that I learned alligator lizards are a real thing. (They are all over our yard in LA, but you still won't find them in the air.)
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    I like the pictures!
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    When you are in to photography you see the world in many, many more delightful ways.

    Thanks for the pics.

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