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Thread: Debating on getting a benchtop sander... Ridgid or Grizzly or...?

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    Debating on getting a benchtop sander... Ridgid or Grizzly or...?

    I'm looking at getting a sander to help with the cutting boards... the new job has opened up the budget a bit, so I'm looking at the Ridgid Oscillating belt/spindle sander from the Borg:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Or possibly the g0547 4"belt/6" disc combo sander from Grizzly.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm going to be in the Pocono mountains this weekend, so a quick jaunt over to the Grizzly store in Muncy is possible... though I'm more likely to just have them ship it and not lose any time with my parents at camp.

    way back in my formative days as a woodworker, my cousin Lew had a craftsman belt/disc sander, I remember using that a lot back then. my mentor John had a similar unit in his shop, and I used that a lot as well. Things that make you go 'hmmmm'.

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    I bought the Ridgid sander on sale a couple of weeks ago. Used it for the first time last night so I don't have a lot to go on but it did what I expected it to. No complaints.

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    I have the Ridgid and it works well for me.
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    My vote is for Rigid. I recently acquired one and love it from all my research it seemed to be loved by many many woodworkers. Do want a large disc sander but Mike Henderson posted a solution for that on a lathe so thats what i am gonna do for a disc sander in the interim. Makes lathe double as a useful machine when you not using it for turning.

    Here is a clip from his website showing the disc sander. (hope you dont mind Mike if you see this. )

    10/10/2008 I have a very small shop so I can't fit many floor or bench tools in it. I bought a Ridgid oscillating spindle/belt sander a while back but I did not have a disk sander. Someone suggested that the lathe could be adapted as a disk sander and I took that idea and made a disk sander for my lathe. I put two adjustment knobs under the work surface which allows me to adjust the work surface square to the disk. To attach the work surface to the lathe ways, I made a round piece out of plywood and then cut the sides off so the piece would fit down into the way. To fasten the work surface, I turn that round piece and clamp it with the lever clamp.

    When making the disk, I took a cut across the face to true it up. Then used a piece of MDF with sandpaper glued to it to sand the face. This removed any ridges and assured that the face was flat. I put shellac on the disk so the psa disk would adhere better. I made two disks - I put coarse sandpaper on one and somewhat finer on the other. See the pixs below.

    It works well. The disadvantage is that I have to set it up and tear it down, but that's better than no disk sander.

    Completed disk sander Back of disk

    Adjustment knobs Locking piece

    Locking piece turned Locking lever
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    I have a delta BOSS (via the Ambassador ) which takes care of my oscillating needs, and then I stumbled on a dirt cheap 2nd hand no-name belt-disc like the one you mentioned. It works great. The disc is on the small side, but I use the belt quite a bit -- it's a lot more aggressive than the BOSS, which I like for my needs. Actually the disc is also nice for rounding outside corners... far faster than the BOSS. If I ever get a larger shop, I might look for a bigger unit.

    All that aside... I've never used used either of them for a cutting board, other than maybe the occasional inside corner on the Oscillating spindle... How do you see yourself using it?
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    I think that the Rigid also goes from a belt to a spindle, right?

    I think what with a shopmade disc like Rob is showing and the Rigid you would have most of the bases covered.

    I've also heard good things about the Delta Boss spindle sander, I think that Vaughn guy has one and likes it....?
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    I have the Rigid also, one of the only one of their tools I'd consider buying again should I ever need to.

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    The only problem I see with that disk sander is the disk is too small. I had one for years and that small you really use up the disks fast and are very limited on what you can sand. I now have a HF 12 inch. I love it even though it is certainly not the best. It shakes, rattles, and roars.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stuart Ablett View Post
    ...I've also heard good things about the Delta Boss spindle sander, I think that Vaughn guy has one and likes it....?
    Nope, not me. I have the Ridgid and like it a lot. I also had a weak moment and bought a Craftsman 4" belt/6" disk combo that looks pretty much like the Grizzly Ned's looking at. It works, but it's seriously underpowered. I can stall the belt or the disk with moderate pressure from a piece of 1x pine.
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    Debating on getting a benchtop sander... Ridgid or Grizzly or...?

    Quote Originally Posted by Darren Wright View Post
    I have the Rigid also, one of the only one of their tools I'd consider buying again should I ever need to.
    That's what I was wondering as I read through this thread. I had been seriously under impressed with their cordless power tools years ago, and it was surprising to see so many people here that were that Pro-Rigid.

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