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Thread: Trust on side of the country road

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    Trust on side of the country road

    My wife and I decided to take a drive in the country today and go check out some areas south of us. Driving down one back road we came across this road side veggie stand.

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    I actually haven't seen that kind of trust in a long time. The dairy we used to use growing up did similar. They had a cooler in a small shed where you stopped and grabbed your milk from and a small bucket to drop your change into ($.50), could even make your own change if there was coins in the bucket. Years later I saw an article about the dairy. They asked him about if he ever got robbed. The farmer had said "Probably, but they probably needed the money or milk more than he did".

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    I bought some Blueberries at a vegie stand this year that did it the same way right by his house he even had a walk-in cooler. Just put yer money in a mailbox that had a slot cut in it and padlocked shut.
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    It's quite common here, a farmer even puts an honor asparagus stand on my sons property every year (with his permission of course)

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    We have one just down the road from us.never know what the guys gonna have until you drive up and get out of the car.
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    Yup, where folks still leave their doors unlocked while they're gone or sleeping...For most of us, that was the 'good old days'!
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    Quite common around here as well.

    Doors usually unlocked all the time and keys are always in our cars.

    We got a real good chuckle a while back. When we go to the village market for a coffee or a newspaper we always leave the car running. especially in the winter. We parked next to a fellow who before got out of his car put that locking bar on his steering wheel rolled up the windows and locked the doors. My wife and I looked at each other and said "gotta be from New York" We were wrong, he was from New Jersey
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    We have 3 such stands within 10 minutes of our house--total honor system. You make your own change from the open cash box.


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    Isn't it wonderful!!!

    Isn't it a shame it isn't that way everyplace!!!

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    We had a stand here in town like that... they guy would open up and leave... once I went in and there was a note, "gone to Florida, be back Tuesday" he had his prices marked and a box with change for his customers... hated to see him have to close down... they built an office building on his site.
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    a simpler time

    When I moved to the city I couldn't even find a key to the door of the home I was leaving. Had to tote spare truck keys for months too, I learned to lock my doors long before I learned to take a key out of the ignition!

    Back in the "good ol' days" A friend about ten miles up the road called me at two in the morning, his wife was in labor and he had a flat tire. Proof Murphy was at play, I had a flat tire too! I walked about a mile to a friend's house, banged on the front bedroom window that belonged to his younger sister and said I was taking Man's van. "OK Baby" a very sleepy voice said. The key was in the van as always and I made the trip further out in the country and then off to the city in plenty of time, D's first baby. That evening or the next day I brought the van back. Nobody knew where it had been or who took it since an older married sister had been spending the night and she was the one I woke up and she promptly forgot I had been there. Never even remembered being woke up. No problem though, they hadn't called the law. They figured whoever took the van would bring it back eventually!


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