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Thread: Composite bird house...

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    Composite bird house...

    I just found this on a shelf in the garage. I'd forgotten all about it until I moved something that was sitting in front of it. About three years ago I built a big composite deck for my neighbor. When it was finished, I had a bunch of "scrap" composite material lying around. I also had some pieces of 4x4 sleeve that covers the PT posts. I had to find a way to use it up. I came up with a birdhouse that should last a LONG time. I built it so that you can easily remove the roof or floor for easy clean out by just removing a couple screws.

    Here's what it looks like.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Ahh, that's for the birds! Whatever that saying is. Looks nice and ya, should last a long time.
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    Now that's a neat, simple design for a birdhouse. It really fits in the "design follows function" rule. It looks neat, it is really weather proof for the birds, it should survive well out in the weather, it is easy to clean (doggone birds don't clean their rooms any better than a teen ager).

    All of those pluses should make that kind of birdhouse a great sales item for those who do fairs and similar. We have had birdhouses, however maintenance was an aggravation and they soon deteriorated to trash barrel condition.

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    Nice John only test now is to see if the birds like it.

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