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Thread: Done got me a bubba truck!

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    Done got me a bubba truck!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    2002 Ford F250 Super Duty with 7.3 diesel. One haulin' mama! Pretty good shape for an 11 year old truck with 169,000 miles on it. Friend with a Ford background says it looks like the 1 ton running gear. A few issues but they each will be addressed in turn. Nothing really major. Biggest pain will be find a spare for it. Those are heavy duty 8 lug wheels. Vinyl bench seat is coming out in favor of cloth bucket seats. Will get running boards. I need a ladder to get in it! Regular cab is a greenhouse in this sun. Getting tinted windows on Friday. Found in CA in Laguna Hills. Happy with the mileage - 3/8 of a tank (~12-13 gallons) for 266 miles. Clean but smells like an ashtray. Total Fabreeze soaking, new seats, and shampooing everything else and all will be better.

    And yeah, that was quick! My boss must have a plan here.
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    Most Excellent! That's one sweet looking truck Carol! Congrats!
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    And here I thought you had already bought this one > Click image for larger version. 

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    Looks great Carol, the blue oval says it all
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    Done got me a bubba truck!

    Congrats, Carol. Looks like a great truck. Now that you're gonna be a truck driving mama, you'll need a CB handle.
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    Nice looking truck.

    My brother down the street from me has one about that year, but with the V10. Has only 15,000 miles on it. He bought it to pull their fifth wheel, then they found a park that they like where the park pulls it out of storage for him, sets it up, and puts it back away after they leave, so he hardly gets the truck out of the garage.

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    You're gonna be a Rock Star preacher!! Running boards are mandatory for those of us lacking in vertical acceleration!
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    I wish you the happiest relationship with your 11 year old. May all of your roads be smooth and your fuel consumption low.

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    I'm glad the truck is going to work out for you! Looks great ( =

    As to the tint, I was just at the tint shop today for my girlfriends newly acquired car. They have a tint that is getting popular that has a ceramic in it. From the charts and a 'lamp heat test' that I did-it cuts about twice the heat of the typical tint, at the same light blockage. Apparently they even have a clear one you can get for the windshield to help with heat there, but not hinder visibility. For her 4 door car, the price was $209 for standard, and $329 for the ceramic-not really that much more for temperature benefits. I'm tempted to have mine ripped off, and get that stuff on there!

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    The big deal with the running gear is full floating rear hubs or not. Once all three-quarter ton trucks had full floating hubs and you could load them to ridiculous weights. I made the mistake of stacking cast iron heads off of engines in mine when I was cleaning up after first getting my salvage yard. Noticed that the truck was sitting level with one row just over truck rail high behind the cab and another row about three-fourths full behind it. Went on and stacked the second row level with the side of the bed, the heads all turned and twisted and stacked as tight as possible. When I drove across town to the scrap yard I found out the tare weight, just the heads, was over twelve thousand pounds! Oops! The truck handled it with no problems though. That is the kind of thing that burns up the rear ends without free floating hubs and bends their axles though. Looking at the picture it does appear you have the full floating rear hubs. That is indeed the same rear end used in the one ton single rear wheel trucks and basically the same rear end used in all one tons. I hauled ten thousand pounds or more of refractory material(basically concrete mix) on a one ton many a time.

    Looks like you got a good one and it should just be getting broken in good. I put over 275,000 on my three-quarter ton before it was stolen and over 350,000 on my one ton before I sold it to a house trailer mover who put a bunch more miles on it!

    Have the front end checked out, the diesel is hard on them. Then regular maintenance and you should have a lifetime truck. Nice find!


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    Great PU Carol. Now maybe to get it accessorized !

    1. Gun Rack in the back window
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