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Thread: Forstner Bit Sets

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    Forstner Bit Sets

    I had my shop burglarized and had quite a few of power tools and accessaries stolen. I need to purchase a new set of Forstner bits, can a get some recommendations from the family, they would be greatly appreciated?
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    I've had the really good (and expensive) Fisch bits, but have found the Lee Valley HSS forstners to be just as food. Priced a whole lot better than Fisch, too!
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    Sorry to hear of your theft. There are some top notch performers out there but, like Jim, I found the Lee Valley HSS forstners to be excellent performers. The 6 and the 7 piece sets to run from 1/4" to 1" in 16ths for under $100. This meets the bulk of my needs although I have specific larger bits for specific purposes.
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    Avoid the El Cheapos. I have had good luck with a lot of the very inexpensive import tools but not with the Forstners. My set is in serious need of sharpening and that is very hard to do with the smaller sizes.
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    I bought a set of Forstner bits from MLCS several years ago and have been very satisfied with them.
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    Quite a few years ago I bought a HSS set of Forstner bits from Grizzly, 1/4 inch to 2 1/4, and have been very pleased with the quality and the sizes available - as I recall about $75 I have bought a couple individual carbide Forstner bits for high volume projects. I gave my "under 1 inch" set away since it was basically unused.

    Now I see lots of carbide sets available, and would probably buy this carbide set from Grizzly if I had to replace it.
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