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Thread: Anyone use a branding iron?

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    Anyone use a branding iron?

    Looking over the selection from Rockler - $130+/- Ouch

    Any other sources I should check out? Any recommendations on size, heat source, etc?
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    I've got one you heat with propane. I'll say it takes a bit of practice to get it to work right, and even then, next time I try to use it, I'd probably put it in a drill press instead of free handing it.
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    Used plenty on the calves every spring when we did branding .... ...

    I've seen a few people make them, even custom made electrics. i keep looking at this one: and thinking about making it bigger..

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    I've got one like the rockler brand, was a xmas present from my FIL. It's works well, but have only used it a half dozen times over the 5-6 years. Thought about having a new head done that maybe has a web address on it.

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    try Lee Valley. Their branding irons run from $62 to about $120

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    I have the electric Rockler arc with date (year). It was a little pricey, but I caught it on sale several years ago.

    Edit: Just checked email and noticed Rockler has 20% off one regular-priced item - code V2393.
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