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Thread: FRIDAY!

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    Friday is not all that big of a deal to me, but... It is supposed to be my day off...yeah, right! This week I took Tuesday off and got my new to me truck. So this Friday I work, but have an appointment at 8 AM to have the truck windows tinted. Work the rest of the weekend. In the bigger picture, it is time to start planning to move back to Arizona, probably within the next two months, three on the outside unless things blow completely up here. And since the rolling stock has grown to fleet proportions, that will take a bit of juggling.

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    Great day. Dinner with the wife and friends this evening and a day ride with friends on Saturday. Sunday not sure what is in store.
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    Son in laws and I are moving my folks into their new home on our farm! Man I am going to be tired next Monday morning!

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    Working on the electriks for the hair dryer pull-out, removing the old vanity in the master bedroom and patching the walls for my wife to paint. Also building drawers and drawer fronts for the bottom dresser unit. Sunday we're taking a ride with the top off and going to my nephew's bday party, probably some pool time this weekend too.

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    outdoor movie night at my sons tomorrow night, meeting the girlfriends parents. Who knows, maybe they are going to tell us something(the children)
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    Have some good friends coming into town today for some Iowa Cubs baseball tonight and fun and relaxing the rest of the weekend. Will be a full house for us with 4 more bodies, but should be a great time. They leave on Sunday morning so will maybe get some shop time on Sunday, but it's gonna be in the mid 90s so I might be staying inside or finding a pool if there is one that hasn't closed already.
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    Start on a window seat for a friend tomorrow and Sunday is our monthly antique market at the fair grounds, so maybe get lucky and find another hand plane

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    Continue washing the outside of the house and the windows. Foolishly, I have vinyl siding put on my house many years ago! It collects dirt, cobwebs and fly specks. Have to wash it about twice a year and I mean not just hose it off, I have to scrub it. It was a lot easier when I painted about every six years. If I had the money, I take the vinyl off and put on something else. I do it myself this time. I know I could do better than the "professional" did. Sunday is my relax day, I will work in my shop on some ukuleles.
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    Prep for going to Chicago next week. Very smoky outside from the Yosemite fire so should probably do mostly indoor stuff (NASCAR ), cleaning, werky-werk and maybe stop the Quicken procrastination

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    Getting my PC back from HP repair service, lightning storm took out me ethernet on the motherboard, so I will be setting it back up and testing it. Then Saturday will finish the jewelry box I'm making for my Granddaughters 18th birthday.
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