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Thread: Hope it measures up

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    Hope it measures up

    So I gave up on the this and that. Ran the smoker up to 240* & rubbed the shoulder down with a receipe....uhhhh....from a friend. It was a boneless shoulder with a 5x5 about inch and a half thick. Cut off that slab and did it on the side. So yesterday about 4pm'ish I trimmed and rubbed this one. 7lbs so I figured 12-14 hrs. Dropped it in at 1700 with applewood pellets. Got out of bed at 5 pulled it and wrapped it up in foil and a towel and put it in the temp just good insulation. Here we go...
    The smoke box was a big disappointment...cherry ran for about an hour the died. Not to sure what the problem is but Stacey will not let me near the bowl...I'm hungry! Thanks for lookjng!
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