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Thread: Waste Not Want Not

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    Waste Not Want Not

    After turning and finishing on of Branden's (PenI8the) Wenge/Styrene segmented blanks I saved the shavings and cast in PR to make a couple more pens.

    The Longwood Click is finished with 6 coats of Satin MINWAX Oil Modified Water Based Polyurethane using my "Dipping Method".


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    Gee Les, if I knew you were that hard up for wood to turn I would have sent you some the last time I was back at my shop in LA.

    The longwood pen looks beautiful, and I really like the way you staged the photograph. Looking forward to seeing the shavings pen when it's finished.
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    Great looking pieces Les. That long would looks very good symmetrical. Would make for a unique design also if drilled offset, or even offset at an angle too.

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    I trust you are going to save the shavings from the shavings pen to make another, and another, and....
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    Ok cast master...what's it gonna look like? Nice distribution of material, PR stuff?
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