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Thread: Burial flag case

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    Burial flag case

    I made this for my father in laws burial flag. He passed away several months ago. I'll give it to my Mother in law and my wife's brothers and sisters this weekend.

    I have been in such a funk this year and this very simple project gave me fits. It took me forever to get it almost right.
    I started out wanting to make the 45's simple 22.5 degree joints so the end grain wouldn't show on the case. I tried twice to get the angles to fit perfectly and wasted some really nice walnut. I figured then that I would take a lesson from Glenn Bradley and make a template first to make sure everything fit perfectly. The template was perfect but when I cut the project boards they were still off. I blame it all on my crappy mind set.

    Taking inspiration from Karl Laustrup's post on the flag case he made and finally getting my head straight I finished it. Obviously I gave up on the 22.5 degree angles but what I came up with pleases my eye almost as much.

    I was going to try and cut the glass myself but decided not to push my luck I took it to a glass shop and $23.50 () and a few days later It's all set to go.

    It's cherry finished with fruitwood danish oil and 4 coats of wipe on poly. I really like what the fruitwood oil did to the cherry. I guess all it did was to speed up the natural darkening of the wood but it gave it the warmth that I was hoping to get.

    I also made the glass easily replaceable in case I break it on the trip down to Newton Mass.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Very nice Bob, they will be very pleased I am sure
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    Despite the trials and tribulations, I'd say you came out on top with this one, Bob.
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    Very nice and sure to be appreciated.
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    Great looking case Bob, I'm sure it will be appreciated.

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    Looks perfect to me.
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    Turned out very nice Bob
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    Very nice indeed!
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    My wife went to her mothers Saturday and forgot to bring it
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    Burial flag case

    Nicely done.
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