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Thread: Friday once again so what is up

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    Friday once again so what is up

    my wifes away all weekend so I have a free weekend not like I don't have free weekends every weekend but this one is totally just to figure out what to do chop wood or paint I go for a bike ride ...........
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    need to get some walls covered, then off to the woods i hope. to see if this year looks any better than last year.
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    Family reunion at our farm this Sunday. Have to change a tire on the wagon and drive the team for a few hours Saturday in anticipation of Sunday. Move tables, chairs, grill and canopies. Monday, RELAX.

    Hope you find it better out there Larry. More water, less congregation of deer so shouldn't have the die off you had last year.

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    my son is making another movie night, so its bbq and a movie sat night.
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    Outdoor jobs tomorrow and Sunday. Move some fence lanes - want to use every bit of "free" grazing. Some quality time with the grass trimmer, mower and chainsaw. There are shrub beds and areas where I'm going to have to resort to violence, the result of several years of neglect. The good thing is, shrubbery and gardens are fairly forgiving.
    For a change of pace, maybe throw in a truckload of firewood. It's not going to get any drier.
    Sunday and Monday are looking like showers or rain, so a chance to apply some ideas Larry left with me for better shop set-up and effeciency.
    Have some work stuff to keep an eye on too. Big changes are coming and time is speeding up in that department.
    Otherwise, pretty quiet
    Oh, and probably a beverage at the end of the day - the grey-bearded guy brought me some tasty, exotic stuff and there's still a few left!
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    No plans for the first time in a couple months...looking forward to it too!

    To hot for shop time until monday when it will be about 25 degrees cooler than it will be today (102!!). Will probably finish up some paint touch ups in the entry/hallway and watch some football.
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    Friday once again so what is up

    Work work, then on call... Shop time


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    Packing up the trailer and truck and getting ready to head to the Oregon Coast on Monday for two weeks of playing around in the beach!
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    as much shop time as possible, and getting the newsletter out.
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    Worky work. Crunch time to get all ready for the new guy. Count down until the end of September. Do have to work on the trailer lights and the truck in preparation for the first trip with stuff back to Arizona on the 15th. Big order from e-trailer coming in to hook up safely and tow without terror.

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