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Thread: 16 inch jointer

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    16 inch jointer

    I have an F.A.JAY.&CO. 16 inch jointer for sale. this is old iron but in great condition. I had a professional machine shop set it with ball bearings and a new 3hp Baldor 1 single phase motor. he also set it with love joy direct drive. No belts or slipping. Blade recently sharpened. Runs really smooth. I am moving and down sizing my shop and some of the large tools have to go. I know I will regret this later but just will not have room. It would cost several thousand to buy this size jointer new. $1375.00 email if interested.

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    That seems like a heck of a deal, Ken. Plus, it can double as a dining table or maybe even an aircraft carrier.
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    great deal, and if i were setting up a new shop i would take it..
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    Vaughn yea it does remind you of an aircraft carrier. LOL

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    Where is the earth shattering kaboom... there's supposed to be an earth shattering kaboom when a Vigilante flies by at deck level & breaks the sound barrier.

    We had this happen on the 76-77 cruise on the Independence.
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