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Thread: custom RAS tables

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    custom RAS tables

    I had to completely disassemble my RAS table to move it. A bunch of 30 gauge stove pipe bits fell out and I remembered I'd shimmed it a couple years ago. Anyhow, there are some things I liked about what I had, and some things I didn't.

    Tyhe saw is a 12" Delta turret saw (33-890) - if I really wanted to, I can cut 90 degree miters. Different than rotating the motor for ripping. I have had occasion to cut 80 degree miters in the past for some crazy project. In order to do these crazy miters, I need to move my fence forward. At one point I had a three piece table and could move my fence between two positions, but I didn't like how I would lose square when moving the fence back to regular crosscut position and went to a single piece table. While writing this, I wonder if I could just make a temporary fence with a spacer piece to attach to the table when wide angle miters are needed.

    Anyhow, has anyone else made a custom table for their RAS that is willing to share a pic and why they made it that way? I'd love to see some ideas. Thanks!

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    I think Brent build his custom, but may have been to the original specs. I'm sure he'll chime in.

    Since I got my Wixey angle gauge, I rarely worry about changing the angles on my saws anymore, between it and a good square you can pretty much get things back to 90* quickly.

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    Mine was pretty basic. I can take some pictures, but there really wasn't much too it. I can take some pics tomorrow, if you want.
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    Mine (a Dewalt) has a Mr. sawdust table, nothing special about that. But when I want to cut really steep angles, I put a right angle fence on it, and adjust the arm accordingly. There is no reason your temporary fence idea wouldn't work, but you would have to make it in a way you wouldn't cut it in 1/2....have a larger piece that covers the entire table and raise the blade, or some other workaround.

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    I found this don't know what all is pictured but you may find something here.

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