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Thread: At last! (Wood storage)

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    At last! (Wood storage)

    Well, after needing one for years, I finally got inspired to make a dedicated storage rack for all the odds and ends of wood that seem to mysteriously multiply in the shop. I had seen a number of systems that others have used, but none seemed to fit the bill. I decided that since I have the space, I'd take full advantage of the high ceilings and build up. Nothing fancy about the constructionů 3/4 birch ply with lots of ]screws.

    Got it loaded up today, and oh, what a difference it makes! Best thing is, it only takes 6 sq ft of floor space.


    Click image for larger version. 

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    Man, I could use something like that in my shop. Nicely done, Dave.
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    Space saving, organization and ease of access all in one. Way to go Dave.
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    Looks great...I too could use something like this.

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    Nice! That gives me an idea for the PP. Thanks.

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    Very nice job. Being organized like this makes planning and working on your projects that much easier.

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    Congrats on a neat looking system.

    I could be that neat with my wood if I threw 3/4ths of it away or if I had 3x the size shop or if I could get organized.

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