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Thread: Particulate and Particulate Aerosol the Same Thing?

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    Particulate and Particulate Aerosol the Same Thing?

    I am looking for replacement cartridge for my Comfo Classic respirator. I found some listed as new old stock...military surplus. They list them as for particulate aerosol? Are particulate and particulate aerosols the same as far as dust ???

    Here is the link

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    Mike, I am sure Jim will set me straight if I am wrong but basically its a matter of size. an aerosol is a very small particle.If I recall particles larger then 10 microns (PM-10) are not an inhalation hazard but when they get down to 2.5 microns they can get trapped in the lungs. PM-1 (1 micron will get absorbed into the blood steam and are considered an aerosol.
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    Don Im sure you are right. Another man told me it was particles that were small enough to stay suspended in the air.

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