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Thread: Mini wood gloat

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    Mini wood gloat

    Just came from holidays las sunday with a small trunk of prune tree that my FIL had cut for firewood.
    As most of fruit tree wood is great for any project, be it carving , turning or flatwork I took it with me and I made my first trunk resawing.

    To make things short, I flattened one side, nailed both ends on a scrap of plywood and used it as a sacrificial sled cutting both at the same time.

    The log had some cheking at the ends as it had been cut a couple of months ago, as it is a young tree most of it is sapwood but I think that once dry it will be usable. I hope to get enough usable wood to make a couple of boxes at least, if not maybe I`ll carve some netsuke. I do not know whether those cracks will enlarge or if some more will appear.

    I also have two similar cherry logs that I brought a couple of years ago that I will resaw soon. I should have done it before but for those I need a better sled as they are bigger.

    Here you have the pics.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	gloat03.jpg 
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Name:	gloat04.jpg 
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Name:	gloat05.jpg 
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Name:	gloat08.jpg 
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Name:	gloat09.jpg 
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Name:	gloat11.jpg 
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Name:	gloat14.jpg 
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Name:	gloat01.jpg 
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    Re: Mini wood gloat

    Interesting wood Toni. Seems strange how color of wood on one log looked different to one showing small pith/hardwood section.

    Free wood best kind and way more interesting to explore insides.

    Hope you had a great relaxing time.

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    Looking forward to seeing what becomes of the wood, Toni.
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