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Thread: sumac pipe stem?

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    sumac pipe stem?

    Hello all, I'm hoping this is the right place for this so here we go. Today I picked up what I'm...95% sure is a sumac branch, very soft center, and no horrible rash so I'm pretty sure its staghorn but here is the thing, initially I was going to carve a Tiki or a totem pole in to it since it was so straight, but because of the soft center I changed my mind to a carved pipe stem for my grandfather who's birthday is coming up. Now what i was wonder is, would there be any heath risk for making a pipe stem, and possibly the bowl as well, out of Staghorn Sumac? Or should i just abandon this branch and find something else?

    the links are to images of the branch if anyone would be kind enough to verify my identification. Thank you in advance

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    it looks like staghorn to me from what you show ,, the leaves should be approximately 8 or 9 on one stem and they will be across from each other.this time of year the staghorn should have the seed pods showing. the bad shumac doesnt have large clumps of seeds it has a berrie looking fruit and is usually near wet areas.. as for health issues i am not sure but i have chewed on staghorn and not died yet
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