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Thread: Approx 43 years late but catching up UPDATED

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    Approx 43 years late but catching up UPDATED

    So i did a little shopping today.

    Let me preface this by reminding ya all that i did not grow up in North America but watched from a far the happenings here.

    So for most of my life i have wanted to hear the truckers on the radio etc and today i finally had a bucket list item and childhood dream come true when i picked up a CB radio.
    Nothing special just a cheapie but it will serve its purpose. Scratch another one off the longggg list of catching up. Hope there are still guys out there to chat with.
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    Already have the antenna wired into car and mounted on roof with bracket. Did that before leaving home hoping to pick up this puppy at a flying j or pilot gas station but none I stopped at had stock of the one i wanted. Found this at a small local electronics repair shop and cheaper than even amazon. Went to a radio shack the other day and they had a single radio. Showed me just how popular cb is nowadays but it was not stopping me.

    All i have to do is hook up to the wires i have already fed through the firewall from the battery and connect the antenna.
    Will see how it goes tomorrow. Cant wait to hear the radio crackle again. Will remind me of my days back in signal corps.

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    I used to use the CB a lot on the highway. Even if I wasn't talking, there was stuff to be learned by listening. I have no idea how active the airwaves are these days.
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    I remember seeing an episode of Conan O'Brian, which had James Earl Jones (voice of Darth Vader) as his guest. Jones told the story of driving across the midwest back when CB's were popular. He went by the handle of "Darth" and would speak in the Darth Vader voice. He'd then stop in at the truck stops and talk to the other truckers in a high pitched voice and ask if anyone heard that guy "Darth" earlier in the evening.

    "Back in the days when CB radios were big, I used ‘Darth’ as my handle, and driving through Kansas or somewhere, going across country, I would freak people out. I stopped doing that."

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    Approx 43 years late but catching up


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    Used to have them in all my vehicles. Wish I had known this itch you had, have a few in a cupboard in the shop. Would have given you one of them.

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    I grew up with them. My dad's construction co. couldn't survive without them. There would be jobsites spread out 100 miles apart or more and sometimes my brother and I would be the ones to relay messages. Most of the time it was my mom though. My dad's handle was "Sawdust" and going to the "big city" (Topeka, Manhattan, Licoln or Omaha) to pick up materials was a great time listening to all the traffic. We had a huge antenea on the house as well as at the shop and all the trucks had cb's as well.
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    I had a CB way back when I was a teenager. I was "the Lion Tamer" KBGJ-7305. years later I kept a CB in my van when I was a road photographer (traveling for a living, not photographing Roads...), When I was doing that job my handle was 'Mr Photographer', around that time was when the 'decline' started in the trucking industry which also caused the CB to become of less and less utility to the general public. Truckers still use it for road contact... usually when they're approaching a sea of red taillights ahead of them, which is pretty much what I'd use it for if I were out on the interstate again these days. Also, there are many times when a trucker will need a CB to contact the shipping office at a vendor they're picking up/dropping off at.

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    There may be a little more to hooking up your CB than your aware you have an SWR meter to match the cable & antenna to the radio? If not you may want to find someone that does to help you match them. KQG5341 out.
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