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Thread: It's Friday! - 9/6/2013 Edition

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    It's Friday! - 9/6/2013 Edition

    Man where has the year gone? Seems like it's flying by.

    I think my parents are bring the RV over to stay this weekend. I've got some wall patch work to get done and fix a small leak in a waterline tonight. Saturday I've got to cook for our company picnic, I usually help setup and take down as well, so probably some pool time and barley pop for me when it's all over. Sunday I'm going to try to get the dresser drawers and drawer fronts built.

    What's everyone else got going?

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    I'm installing "winter covers" on my window air conditioners, one on the 1st floor level, the other on the 2nd floor. The latter will be a challenge as access is awkward & I'm not comfortable on a ladder. This will be the first time I'm leaving the AC units in the windows during the winter; I've always removed them & replaced them in the spring with the help of neighbors. I no longer want to impose on friends for this. Hopefully I can install the covers & insulate the areas that will be functional & aesthetically acceptable???

    Once this is done, I need to practice some golf as there is a match coming up with good friends that I've been looking forward to.
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    The girl has a sleepover with grandma tonight!! So watch out if you're close to Des Moines tonght...the wife and I are free to do whatever we want.

    Tomorrow there is a bday party for my neice and then Sunday I will be at the lathe sweating like crazy.

    And Al, be careful on that ladder.
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    The usual - I work weekends, but counting down to the end of September. Been working on the bubba truck to get it ready to tow. New hitch, weight distribution system with sway control, electric break controller and steps to get into the truck. Controller is in. Got some drilling to do on the trailer A frames for the sway control. The bench seat is gone and buckets with a console are in. Later some upholstery, but I am no longer sitting in a hole, stretching to reach the pedals. All in all a good thing! Hope to get the steps mounted this weekend. Next weekend the first load goes to Arizona.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carol Reed View Post
    ...Next weekend the first load goes to Arizona.
    I thought you sold the Arizona property. Did you get a new place there, or what?
    Jim D.
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    Have today and Saturday off. Saturday one of my grand daughters is having a birthday party so we will be going over to their home for awhile. Working on Sunday.

    Starting on a box for my daughter today. I've been dieing to try out the new incra ibox. I have a really unusual looking rough cherry board, looks like it's all sap wood or almost looks like poplar. It's 4/4 8"x10' so it's not sapwood.It won't work for the hutch I've been procrastinating on but should be fine for the box. Even Larry wasn't sure what it is I'm 99% sure it's cherry because When I bought the 100 bf of common cherry the mill brought the lift over and unstrapped it for me. When I picked through the boards I didn't notice the difference at the time.
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    We'll have to batten down the hatches. I hear there's a strong wind that will be blowing up from the Sacramento area and it's supposed to be real "loud"

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    more woodworking!!!
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    Friday: Some continued shop organization. Also need to do some sanding (least favorite operation) on the book stand and candle holders for a neighbor's church.

    Saturday: More of the above early in the day, then settle in for the Richmond race to see what the final lineup is for the Chase.

    Sunday: Hopefully, a relaxing day for a change. I need some rest!!!
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    sister is up from florida for the jewish holidays, so besides eating a lot, a lot of family visiting.(happy new year to all those celebrating)
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