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Thread: Had to rant

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    Had to rant

    I was on another forum and caught another post from a "Popular" turner that pulled the "I only use a shield for turning...I use my Trend for sanding" post. I get so sick of this. If you look at the cutting surface as it meets the parent wood, and I know a lot of us don't...we look over the top, you would see a ton of particulate flying off the cutting edge. Wearing a shield means you still breathe this...the big chunks just don't smack you mug!
    Pease guys and gals...I know many of you in person and would like a few more visits...get it right and cover that mouth and nose!! If Stacey (She's and RT to...I don't get away with a darn thing) ever caught me headed to the shop without my Trend or MSA...I'd get the big heave-ho!
    Let's get it right...only takes a second...either way!
    Rant over
    Your Respiratory Therapist wears Combat boots

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    Yep, do it first, not after.........

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