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Thread: Guess what it is...

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    Guess what it is...

    Ok folks this one was found washed up on the beach. I was lucky enough to know what i was looking at can u tell what it is and why its a bit of a contradiction in my view.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    No clues unless there really are no takers...

    My other guess what it is i had to toss out.... stinky.

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    Trash bag holder for an outdoor party/camper so the bag stays open.

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    my guess is a shark ate a buick and that was the license plate holder he spit out after he was full.
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    Just one clue, eh? How big is it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan Shively View Post
    Trash bag holder for an outdoor party/camper so the bag stays open.
    I was thinking a Datsun, I've never seen an orange Buick.
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    Well I am suprised that none of the guys on the very East coast near the water like Chuck or Peter have responded.

    To kill this thread and put you out of your misery this is a escape vent for a lobster trap. I only knew because a really nice fishing information booklet handed out at the information center on entering Cape Cod had a whole section on recreational lobster fishing.

    I never knew that there were regs as to just how the traps have to be built etc. This escape vent has to be attached via means that would biodegrade and allow a lobster to escape in the event that the trap gets off its trap line.

    But its primary purpose is to allow lobsters of non reg size to leave the trap as well.

    I find it quiet interesting that here we have a device intended to save the stocks and also do justice to those that have been trapped but the trap abandoned all what one might say are good environmental management and then its allowed to be made from solid plastic and its regulated that after a period it should detach from the trap. So save the lobster but fill the ocean with non biodegradeable plastic molded rectangles.

    You gotta love the regulators. This one did wash up on shore though along with a few barnacles stuck to it.

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