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Thread: Jet 1642 Lathe Frequency Drive

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    Jet 1642 Lathe Frequency Drive

    I have been turning some maple lately on my Jet 1642..the
    1 1/2 hp model. I have noticed most of the time I have to reset the frequency drive once during a bowl. The bowls are mostly 12"-14" x 4" deep. Is this normal?

    What about the belts on the pulleys? Ive never changed what pulleys the belts were on..Never thought of it. Someone told me to "Check if your pulleys are on the slow range setting. More torque less stall." Hmmmm.Have to check that out

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    I've got the same lathe Mike...never reset the inverter once and it's coming up on 2 years old. I change belt speed frequently; no way I'll do a 15" platter at the same speed I do pens!! JMHO, but I'd recommend the slow (high torque) setting for bowls and large items. Give the motor head a good cleaning, inside and out and see if that doesn't solve the reset issue. Barring that Jet Customer Service.
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    I switched the setting to the high torque and no problem at resetting at all...I got a little catch when roughing and a belt squeal was about all Ive had...was going slow then but good to go!!

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