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Thread: Sage Brush

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    Sage Brush

    On a Gold plated Bolt Action.
    Sanded to 400x, buffed with extra fine steel wool and applied 6 coats of Med CA on a Bolt Action.
    Nice part about Sage Brush is that it is plentiful on the prairies and it's free.


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    Looks good Les, but in this case I'd question the background choice. Maybe your usual neutral background so the wood stands out may give a better look at the pen.
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    I've got so much of that stuff around it aint funny! Have to pay 26$ a truck to get rid of it.

    Now I'm going to go out and harvest one of the biggest ones I can find this weekend.

    Very Cool!
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    Huh sagebrush who'd a thunk! Its actually quite striking

    I assume you have to stabilize it some?

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    I don't think there's a cowboy on either side of the Rockies who wouldn't like a sagebrush pen. I'll bet those sell very well at the gun shows.
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