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Thread: Guitar Makeover Poll

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    Guitar Makeover Poll

    OK folks, I'm looking for opinions. I've doing a makeover on a Mexican Fender Stratocaster. It's a black body, and it came with a white pickguard and white knobs and pickup covers.

    I picked up some black/silver knobs, black pickup covers, and three different colors of pickguards. I did seven quick mockups and am still a bit undecided on which combo to go with. (Sticking with the original look is also a possibility.) Scroll through the pics and vote for your favorite. No guarantee I'll go with the majority voice on this (I'll be polling on other sites, too), but I'm still interested in other peoples' opinions. Also, nothing says I can't switch things around later. It takes all of about 5 minutes to swap out the plastic on one of these guitars.

    Here's the original...white pickguard/white knobs and pickup covers:

    Here's Mockup

    Here's Mockup

    Here's Mockup #3...purple pearl/black:

    Here's Mockup #4...purple pearl/white:

    Here's Mockup pearl/black:

    Here's Mockup pearl/white:

    And lastly, Mockup #7...white/black:

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    I'd would be more creative and go for black knobs and pickups, but use some sort of burl veneer, or higly figured spalted or curly maple for the pickguard, after all this is a ww forum isn't it?
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    I chose original, mainly because I'm not too sure on what color the bridge & jack plate sure plays with ones mind...& fwiw I'm not much into gold trim which makes it harder for me to choose
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    I voted original, but I could go with 7 just as easily. Sorry, I'm a traditionalist and all my memories from the 60's and playing/hanging out with others pulls me to the "stratocaster" look of the day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Toni Ciuraneta View Post
    I'd would be more creative and go for black knobs and pickups, but use some sort of burl veneer, or higly figured spalted or curly maple for the pickguard, after all this is a ww forum isn't it?

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    Put me in the lone #6 camp.
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    I went for black on black ....for the Goth look. Maybe Abby Sciuto will catch one of your sets and score you a bit on NCIS.

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    I went for purple, cuz I know deep down that's what you really want to do!
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    I know you've got a purple one on the way, so went with something else. Really like that blue on black of #5.

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    went with no. 7 but was torn at a original look but i dont like white knobs and no 7 has a distinguished look about it and i know you need to help out your image some in that department
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