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Thread: Help me get a grip

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    Help me get a grip

    My older Bessy's and many of my "F" type clamps have plain wood handles that are not very large in diameter. This can make it rather hard for my old and slightly arthritic hands to get a good grip and crank them down. I need some form of application or tape I can wrap the handles in to give me a bit more torque.

    I've looked at sports tape for raquets and clubs, but they don't seem to have a lot of tack and the sales person noted that; 1, I'd have to put electrical tape at each end to keep the tape from inraveling, and 2, sawdust might make the little bit of tack the tape did have go away. Wrapping electrical tape at each ent would effectively reduce the grip area and likely would not last long without peeling off itself.

    I know that there are many of you who have faced this same problem. How did you cope?
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    I believe Stu, Rob and others use hockey stick tape...

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    and so does rob crosman on his stuff, and if i could find some of the hockey tape i would use it as well.. so when a source is found let me know.
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    I bought a bunch of these, they really work well...though I did have to glue them onto the clamp handles. I used that powder glue you mix up.

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    Many woodworkers on this and other forums use a rubber dip similar to this one. I've got a few items I've thought about using it on, but keep putting it off for no reason other than laziness!
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    I use the rockler grips as well. The regular price is too high IMHO but, at the current sale price of a buck apiece I would say they're worth it. I have used dip too but, on the larger grips, the rockler product is cheaper per clamp based on the amount of dip you consume.
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    Maybe this stuff:,53293&ap=1

    Or this although it seems kind of pricy for 1 foot,53293&ap=1

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    I didn't buy anything.

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    I've put the plastic dip on several so far and it makes a world of difference.
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    modells sells the hockey tape, I have it on several of my clamps.
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