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Thread: Can you help me figure value of the Delta Q3 scroll saw.

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    Can you help me figure value of the Delta Q3 scroll saw.

    My father has decided to sell his whole shop full of tools. I've been out to his shop taking photos and then looking all over to determine fair prices to list his tools on e-bay and/or Craigslist. I've been able to find most everything I need except for his scroll saw. He has a Delta Q3 saw with stand. I know this was highly regarded as a top saw when it was new but now I cannot even find any for sale to gauge its current value. This is the one tool that he really would like to make sure he doesn't "give away" at yard sale prices. I'm kind of stumped that I cant find any current value for this saw. Anyone have a guess?
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    Tom, I found a listing on eBay with a price of $289. One thing that might help is researching is to use "Delta 40-650" which is the part number of the saw also known as "Q3".
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