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Thread: Some projects just capture the imagination...tidal power

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    Some projects just capture the imagination...tidal power

    Thought I would share this here, this is a project that really captures my imagination. It amazes me that they have chosen the location they have for a project like this given the weather conditions in that part of the world.

    It immediately got me to thinking with the enormous tide changes we have in Nova Scotia in the bay of Fundy (tides can be up to 45ft high) just how much power could be developed there if a project of this kind was developed in that location.

    My mind boggles at the engineering challenges these guys have overcome and I applaud the financial guys involved in backing a project like this. There are alternatives to the usual.

    I just wonder what the lifespan and maintenance on this kind of kit would be given its ambient environment.

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    rob they tried it in the bay of fundy and the current ate it according to peter, now they have to go back to the drawing boards
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    I hope it works out great!

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