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Thread: New Invention

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    New Invention

    Now, I don't want to brag, but I just came up with about the handiest, dandiest invention.

    I could probably make a bajillion dollars on this, but I thought I would share it with you fellers.

    If you are a member of FWW, I'll let you copy the design for free, but you have to promise not to share it too wide before I get a patent on it.

    I like to use notecards to take notes on, well, because they are named, 'note cards'. But when I have a stack of them all stacked up, they tend to go all over.

    So I came up with this idea. It's a binder clip, and I used a screw to attach it to a little board.

    I'm going to call it a 'clip board'. And I made it just the right size to hold my 'note cards'.

    Hopefully it's heavy enough so that the wind won't blow the whole darn thing away.

    Now promise you won't let this secret out. I've got to go call a lawyer and start through the process to get this patented!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    You sir, are a genius. A GENIUS, I say!
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    Absolutely amazing ....Sharon i see a new boat on the horizons. forget boat i see yacht with dozens of berths. When we going on the Mediterranean cruise Brent?

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    I can see it now.... a entire line of products...
    Clip oak board
    Clip walnut board
    Clip maple board...
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    Can you do a tutorial, it looks complicated!
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    Hey I got an improvement idea for ya put some sticky stuff on the pack side of the paper and then you can peel one off and stick it to something........
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    And to think that at one time the US patent office stopped issuing patents because they thought everything useful had already been invented.
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    One drawback......can only be used by right handed people. Speaking from experience...............I would have to hold it upside down to use it with my left handedness. Keep in mind that everyone is born right handed...........however...........the superior ones overcome the handicap.

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    Now that is creative imagination at work. I simply cannot comprehend how you could could conceive of anything so useful. How long did this take you to develop this device?
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