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Thread: Guitar stomps

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    Guitar stomps

    Yesterday, brown dropped (literally, but wasn't damaged) off a Behringer FCB1010 midi pedal. I plan to use it to control the effects in my guitar software. I know at least one other member has one of these, anyone else?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm pretty new to midi, so still learning about it and how to use it. I found some looper software I want to try with it, where I can play a rhythm track and then start playing with it after capturing it.

    It's not woodworking related, but triggering some organization changes in the office that are going to require some new fixtures for holding some of this stuff.

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    Owner Number 2 here.

    I got mine primarily for the expression pedals, and I'm hoping to configure it so that I can control the transport controls on my DAW.
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    Cool. That looks like a nice controller.

    I've dabbled a bit with MIDI, but never really mastered it. Before I got into the Line 6 modeling stuff, I was using an ADA tube preamp and Alesis Quadraverb, both of which were controlled with a MIDI footswitch (without the expression pedals.)

    In contrast to my ignorance about MIDI, I have a friend (Frank Gonzales) who is a genius with the stuff. In the early '90s, he designed and built the Frank-N-Stein, which was a MIDI controller built into a guitar or bass. It had a thin film keypad surface mounted on the guitar, and a rack-mounted outboard controller. It not only controlled MIDI patches, but it handled pickup selection on the guitar, either from the keypad or from a foot controller. The real genius part of it all was that he was multiplexing the MIDI signal with audio signal, all through a single-conductor 1/4" phone jack. He could even use a wireless unit between the guitar and the controller. He tried real hard to market it, but could never get the financial backing to patent it and develop a manufacturing/marketing plan.
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    Scary looking package, glad the contents were OK
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    Re: Guitar stomps

    Oh man i wish i had more time to play. These are the things i hope to have a go at someday.

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