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Thread: Makin Dew...

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    Makin Dew...

    Sew dare eye wuz, stairin at da frigerater wundorin whut to mayke fur dinher...Knot much choyse asin we hasent ben toda stoar laytlee, phynelly found a
    pakcage of them dar hot dawgs weigh inda back of de freesir. Alsew found a bag of dem frosun tater stiks & sum unyun wrings...Wez reely like yousing
    are rowtissery thingie-mabob on dah gurril...turhned out bether den I waz espectin...Paul A. Deen taint gut nuttin on are cookin scills. Ann as that thar fella
    named Emerald DeGahsie wood sey "Bahhamm"!

    Pea Yes: Doent laff two hard at the buns we youzed, twuz all we had on da shelf... hay, dey were hole weet, sew it hellped make fur a well rounded meel.

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    youze done good!!

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    I want ta come ter yer-ns house fer supper sumday
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    Looks good to me!
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