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Thread: It's Friday! - 9/20/2013 Edition

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    It's Friday! - 9/20/2013 Edition

    Well, another week down. Weekend isn't starting too bad, but got a speeding ticket earlier today in a part of town I'm never in. Got busted for 50 in a 35, which I thought was 45. Looks like I'll be doing some baby sitting for the SIL (my lawyer) to cover her time. Should be cool enough this weekend to get out in the shop. Have some drawers waiting on me to build them. Also have some walls to get patched up. Have to take it somewhat easy, been fighting a head cold for about a week now, has moved into my chest.

    What's everyone else got going?

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    Got a gig tonight at the Dragonhorn Tavern, one of our regular venues. I'll get to road test a guitar that I gutted and re-wired earlier this week. Also taking my on again/off again Variax, which has been in the shop twice recently with an intermittent problem. It's been working at home for the past few days, so odds are that it'll go out at a critical point in some song tonight. I also get to debut the newly-decorated Strat with its David Gilmour-style black pickguard and white knobs and pickups.

    Saturday I'm planning to hang out at the State Fair (about a mile from my apartment) and stick around for the rodeo and concert by Eli Young.

    Nothing on the books for Sunday yet other than sleep.
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    I'm home with a sick kid and I'm heading that way too. Gonna be a low key weekend for me. Weather is perfect too...:banghead:

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    Deliver cabinets and finish getting the car ready for the trip.

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    Working tonight 6-10 and Saturday 9-3. After work picking up the wife and going to BJ's for a few items. Probably hit our local Chinese place after shopping and have my weekly Zombie

    Sunday. after Church, I have to fertilize and reseed the lawn. I've been playing ball with my dog and he has torn up the front lawn pretty badly.
    So far I've made 2 sample boxes on the Ibox and have it dialed in pretty well. I'll start on a few boxes that my kids have "ordered" sometime Sunday.
    I only work 4 hour shifts next week So I'm looking forward to getting my RAS set up. Plans for the Deerfield are also in order for next week. I love watching the Woodmiser guys saw up lumber
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    Toad Rip!

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    going to pick that up in VA tomorrow.

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    continuing the cutting board production run.
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    Re: It's Friday! - 9/20/2013 Edition

    Well we got a BBQ we hosting tomorrow. So for the first time i am smoking a pork shoulder for my friends with the new smoker. Wish me luck. Got the shoulder in a brine going to smoke it low temp starting eeeaarrrly morning.
    Then having already cut the lawn in the semi dark tonight i become mechanic again in the morn. Giving our Dodge Caravan a workover before winter gets here.
    Hope to get some shop time Sunday and get my set of shelves done but now the way Rich Sorby suggested thanks Rich i hope i understand what you said about that edge.

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    cleaning out some old cabinets, some closets, help the wife clean the house, poly some work in the garage, oil up some cutting boards in the garage, work on some pens, bottle stoppers, then clean up the house a bit more. Lots of grocery shopping to do, pharmacy run, a day of errand for me and the wife, and lousy housework.
    Were not going to be here each weekend in oct, we want to get ahead a bit.
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    Working on getting the third trailer ready for the road. Move day is Sept. 30. Also getting ready for a family visit. And then there is work. Trying hard not to have a short-timer's attitude.

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