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Thread: Steel wool tips?

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    Steel wool tips?

    Just picked up some 0000 steel wool Are there any tips or tricks?

    I am currently working on a side table that I am finishing with WOP. I already have several coats (4 or so).
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    The only trick that comes to mind is to not use steel wool between coats on any water-based finish. Minute steel particles can become embedded in the finish and cause rust spots when covered with additional finish. That's why synthetic steel wool (Scotch-Brite) pads are recommended with water-based finishes.
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    +1 on NO steel wool
    I'm supposed to respect my elders, but its getting harder and harder for me to find one now.

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    No steel wool.
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    I do use it some but agree the synthetic stuff is nicer. Make sure whatever your using it on had no snags, like 100% zero snags anywhere. And +1 for avoiding altogether for water based finished.

    For your use case i might use it for a final burnishing phase but only after it was really dry (like maybe a couple weeks after the last coast). Personally I've started using brown paper bags crunched up for the final polish and really like how it ribs of any remnant dust nibs (and it's free)

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    I use 0000 oil free steel wool as the 2nd protocol in finishing acrylic and CA finished pens!
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    Mack I confess I used to be a steel wool fanatic on the CA finish. I don't know if it is/was the steel wool I was buying but it shed its little pieces of steel all over the place like a horse's winter coat on the first day of May. Went to the micromesh after five different sandpapers and am pleased. But then, I am not in your league yet.

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    I had some kraft paper for packaging so I tried it. Somehow it works.
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