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Thread: species for children's toys

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    species for children's toys

    Are there any species to avoid for children's toys that will inevitably be tasted by young children?

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    I think I would rather think in terms of what I could use as opposed to what to avoid. Example: closed cell wood only. Finish will wear off so crud gets into the open cells. Yuck. Thus no oak, as an example. Maple would work. Closed cell, fine grain. Then choose woods with no common allergens. No walnut, maybe cherry. This is assuming kids who chew on their toys. Once they are older, maybe a wider range of toy wood. Depends on what you think of the child, though.

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    Try to avoid woods that taste to good . Like maple sounds like a winner but I'd skip caramelized maple because its somewhat sweet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan Mooney View Post
    ...I'd skip caramelized maple because its somewhat sweet.
    Bacon-wrapped maple is also probably a no-no. But so, so good.

    Carol nailed it...closed cell wood, with maple or birch being the first two that come to mind. Maple's probably a lot more plentiful, but as I recall, Tinkertoys were made of birch, or at least they were back when I was playing with them.
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