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Thread: Woodpeckers New X-Mat Assembly System

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    Woodpeckers New X-Mat Assembly System

    I am kind of blase about many new things, but this I find interesting.

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    Naaah gadgetry again in my view.

    We have holes in our benches for a reason, a few bench dogs and some wedges and we got the same arrangement.

    Looking at the picture, why would we need a right angle adjustable clamp to push on the side of a board if the board is properly milled and prepared. what will happen when that's released.
    Then Bill we stuck with certain dimensions for the thickness of the wood. I like a lot of woodpecker stuff but this looks too fiddly. Sorry just my view.

    I can see it being of use in a production shop for specific dedicated assembly jig, but a hobbyist , I dunno.

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