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Thread: In case you are at Costo...

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    In case you are at Costo...

    If you use drip pans, they can get spend. We were Costck and found these. 30 of them for $5 and change was hard to beat. Smart & final didnt have that quantity in a pack.
    If you can't read the size, they are 11.75 x 9.375 x 2.5+/-...perfect for most MES stuff!

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    I got to Costco this morning at 9:45, and was nervous because there were only 20 or so cars in a parking lot made for a thousand cars.
    I figured maybe something was wrong, little did I realize they didn't open till 10am today.
    I was in and out in 8 minutes, getting my usual large supplies of coffee, cereal, paper towels, plastic cups, paper cups and tissues.
    Ofcourse I visited the bakery and picked up no no's. My wife reprimanded me when she got home from work.
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    Nice score. May be heading over there this weekend to open a membership again. We've also got a new Sams Club going up here close to us. Haven't renewed our membership there, but may once it opens next year.

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