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Thread: It's Friday! - 9/27/2013 Edition

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    It's Friday! - 9/27/2013 Edition

    This year is flying by, almost October. Today my wife and I celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary. Unfortunately she had some projects to get out at work today, so won't be much celebrating. Going to head down to the Cheesecake Factory after work, maybe catch a show. We typically head out of town for the weekend, but since we're not , we may hit up some of the local fall festivals this weekend we never have gotten to go to. Hopefully my flooring will be in today and I can go pick it up, but have a new chair to pickup for my wife anyway.

    What's everyone else got going?

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    Congratulations to you and your better half, Darren!

    I'm putting some wipe-on poly on the book stand and candle holders I made for a neighbor's church - two coats this morning. Also making an extension table to go between the Incra rails on the right side of my table saw.

    Saturday will be a little shop time and as much outside time as possible, since we finally have some Fall weather! Yay!!!

    Sunday should be truly a day of rest - brunch, newspaper, race, etc..........
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    Congrats, Darren.

    Nothing real major planned for the weekend. I have my choice of two or three friends' bands that are playing tonight, so I'll probably be out carousing for a while. Planning to hit the thrift stores tomorrow to find the pieces to a costume I have in mind for a Halloween/Dio de las Muertas gig we are playing November 1. (Taking a female friend with me, so it won't look QUITE so weird that I'm shopping for a long black dress that fits me.) I had hoped to head up to the mountains an hour or two away from here for a quick overnight camping trip, but it looks like the weather might not cooperate. Still might go up there for a day trip to check out some hot springs I've heard about, though. Sunday will likely be sitting around the apartment wondering where the weekend went.
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    Happy anniversary Mr & Mrs Wright!
    Just the usual puttering in the shop & yard here.
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    I have a very sad funeral visitation to go to tonight, for a woman who was the daughter of a friend of mine, who is now bereft of her only daughter and grandchild. Her name is Lorene, please mention her in your prayers. God will know who you mean.

    I'm hoping to do some more work on my grandson's cradle today and tomorrow. My wife is helping to organize our church's annual Caribbean dinner, so I'll probably have to run some errands, but the food will be amazing! I should be able to have all the parts cut out and at least partially assembled, if the weather and my back hold out.

    And congratulatulations, Darren and Mrs. Darren. I've got my 36th coming up on Oct. 1. Best wishes for many more happy anniversaries.

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    more cutting boards!
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    Congrats to you both Darren!

    Tonight we are taking my niece and nephew out for ice cream and some park time with our daughter and then some pizza and beer with my sister and BIL when we take the kids home. Tomorrow my dad is coming over to install the new pulley set on the lathe. He was showing me how to loosen up a stuck reeves drive last weekend with a scewdriver and said, "What you don't want to do is pry to hard, Oops!!" Well he said something completly different actually, but you get the drift. Cast aluminum isn't very strong. I hope to turn the rest of the weekend when I can as I have a show coming up on Oct. 14th and need to get cracking on finishing up some new bowls.

    My wife and I just celebrated our 14th anniversay on Wed. by taking her car to the shop for $1200 worht of repairs!
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    Happy Anniversary Mr and Mrs Darren! Lawn mowing and gardening this weekend. Working on the plans for a new shop. Hope to get the foundation in before winter hits.

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    Hope to get the drawers into the sander stand, hang the new clamp racks and work on some more Christmas gifts.
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    All these anniversaries this week. Congrats

    Thoughts and prayers for your friends daughter Roger.

    No work this weekend
    Saturday we hare hosting our oldest daughters 40th birthday. All the family will be here. The wife and I are in the Guinness book of records. We are both only 39 years old
    Sunday after Church we are heading out to another daughters house and going to the Deerfield Fair. My back is really hurting lately so I won't do a heck of a lot of walking but I love the Woodmiser demos and the loggers challenges.

    I'm working on a display box for pens. I need something nice to show them off when I make sales calls. I should be able to get some work done on it Sunday night.
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