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Thread: New Rikon 8" slow speed grinderr at woodcraft.

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    New Rikon 8" slow speed grinderr at woodcraft.

    I found this on another forum they replaced the 8" grinder they used to sell with a Rikon one.

    Comes with 120 and a 60 grit while wheel. For $99

    Good deal for someone looking for a grinder for sharpening on a budget
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    Cool. Looks pretty identical to the old one they used to sell, and that is indeed a good price. The tool rests look pretty cheap and flexible, though. I removed the ones on mine and just use the flat rest that came with my PSI knockoff of a Wolverine sharpening jig
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    Thanks Bart. I've had some extra cash thats been burning a hole in my pocket. My grinder died a few years ago.
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    oh boy, for $100 I think one of those just got on my short list of tools to buy this month!

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    Yep looks just like their old one. Most of the rikon stuff seems to get decent reviews hopefully the grinder follows suite.

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